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We strive to provide top quality legal services at a reasonable fee. Recently, Montana Eighth Judicial District Court Judge, Greg Pinski, said this about our fees in an Order dated January 30, 2014:

“Based on the testimony of Haffeman, the stipulation of the parties, and the Court’s experience, the hourly rate charged and amount of fees expended are eminently reasonable. . . Overall legal fees approaching $100,000 would not have surprised the Court. That only $6,666.91 was expended defending against the Board’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction is a testament to the reasonableness and efficiency of the representation.”

Legal fees and expenses can be significant. It is important, therefore, to hire counsel who actively work to minimize, rather than maximize, the fees for any given matter. There are a variety of ways we do this.

First, we work hard to maintain competitive rates. We have been successful in maintaining our rates at or just below those of most of our competitors ($185 – $200 per hour).

Second, our billing philosophy is important as well. We bill for the time we spend, no more and no less. We use billing software that allows us to bill to the second. If you speak to us on the telephone for 37 seconds, you will be charged for 37 seconds, no more and no less (of course, we can accommodate other fee arrangements on request).

Third, we work hard to earn our fees. Large bills are not our birthright. We generate revenue by working hard on our files. When you receive a bill for our services, you will be able to determine every single thing we have done to generate the time spent.

Fourth, the customer is always right. If a client questions a bill, we make it right. Every time.

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