Over 75 Years of Combined Experience.

Established in 1993, Smith Oblander Meade & Mitcham, PC is a full-service law firm providing legal representation throughout the State of Montana.

Primarily a litigation firm, Smith Oblander Meade & Mitcham, PC represents the insureds of several national insurance companies, as well as the companies themselves. In addition, the attorneys of Smith Oblander Meade & Mitcham, PC represent a number of Montana individuals and families when they suffer physical or other injuries.

Smith Oblander Meade & Mitcham, PC has always been very conscious of the fees charged, and the attorneys constantly strive to provide excellent representation and unmatched client service, all at a reasonable fee.

Insurance Claims and Personal Injury

Insurance claims often involve complex questions about coverage and liability.

Construction Defects Litigation

Our firm is one of the few in the state regularly handling claims resulting from construction defects.

Consumer Law

Montana law affords significant protection to consumers.

Liquor Licensing and Gaming Licenses

Montana’s unique liquor and gaming laws often make it challenging to acquire the appropriate licenses.

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys pride themselves on serving Montana residents as litigators.

Business and Contract Disputes

No matter how diligent they are, most business owners encounter legal disputes from time to time.

Estate Planning and Probate Litigation

Whether you need a simple will, are a personal representative of an estate, or recently lost a friend or loved one, we can help.


We strive to provide top quality legal services at a reasonable fee. Recently, Montana Eighth…

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Always the first choice.

Gregg has been our personal and business attorney since we moved back to Montana many, many years ago. He’s very accessible, and always keeps us informed of developments. Whenever a friend or business associate needs a lawyer, I always refer that person to Gregg because I know that even if he can’t handle it, he will help the person find the right lawyer in any event.
– Doug Palagi
$100,000 in attorney fees for less than $7k

Based on the testimony of [the attorney witness], the stipulation of the parties, and the Court’s experience, the hourly rate charged and amount of fees expended [by Gregg Smith] are eminently reasonable. . . Overall legal fees approaching $100,000 would not have surprised the Court. That only $6,666.91 was expended defending against the Board’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction is a testament to the reasonableness and efficiency of the representation.

– Cause No. BDV-12-052(a)… Order Re: Attorney Fees
Outstanding attorney -- professional, detailed and tenacious.

We hired Stephanie from a recommendation and could not be happier. We had a complex case involving the biggest investment in our lives – our house. Stephanie met with us for a consultation and we were able to discuss all of our options and realistic possible conclusions.

Immediately we were very comfortable with her style and the way that she communicated with us. We felt this was important as we would need to communicate often and there needs to be a strong relationship in place. She is personable and this made us feel confident in hiring her to take on our case.

We were even more impressed with her work ethic as she is very organized and always kept us in the loop for any new developments, information or filings. She also would let us know what she needed from us for the case to move forward. Unlike most attorney experiences we have heard, Stephanie was always in contact with us and quickly got back to us when we called with questions.

Stephanie is intelligent and also diligent in her case law research. We liked that she was able to boil down this legalese into something that she could explain to us in layman terms and not make us feel like she was talking down to us. As said before, this was a complex case and we wanted to understand everything that was going on. Stephanie is also a very aggressive negotiator and exudes confidence and knowledge – the other attorneys soon learned that she would not be intimidated or bullied into a position that was not favorable to us.

In the end, were were able to reach a settlement with the insurance company that was agreeable to both of us, and a far better position than what they first tried to offer us. My wife and I would highly recommend hiring Stephanie as your attorney.

– Brian
Fantastic representation.

Kaitlyn was amazing in keeping on top of my case and keeping me in the loop. She worked hard to help me keep my job and livelihood even though it was an odd circumstance. I really appreciate her help, empathy and caring attitude.
– Alex
Phenomenal attorney!

Matt was very understanding and listened to everything I said without prejudice. I can trust his judgement and guidance on what needs to be done to best handle my situation. Matt took on my case with confidence and had a resolution in under a month. I am very grateful for his assistance and would recommend his support to all friends and family.
– Great Falls Client
Efficient, cost-conscious, and responsive.

Gregg has represented my personal and business interests for many years. He has always proven to be diligent in his pursuit to resolve any matters quickly and efficiently. Even though litigation is very expensive, I know he tries to be cost-conscious. He works hard to keep me informed. He’s very accessible and if I have a quick question, he will take my call, and can usually answer it on the spot, without sending me a bill for $1,000.00 a month later. I would recommend Gregg for any personal and business related legal matters.
– Brett Haverlandt
Honesty, integrity, and respect.

Kaitlyn represented my family with honesty, integrity, and respect. She gave very clear communication of all options that were available, and the possible outcomes of each option. Her strategy was well thought out and planned, and she was very willing to listen to our concerns and opinions. In a world that is becoming more and more dishonest and cutthroat, it is very reassuring that there are attorneys like Kaitlyn willing to help fight back and make it a little better.
– Shawn & Melissa
Professional, courteous, and understanding.

Kaitlyn was very professional, courteous, and understanding of the situation I was in. Her extensive knowledge proved to be very beneficial and her confidence made me feel at ease in and outside of the courtroom. I highly recommend Kaitlyn to anyone who is in need of legal assistance.
– Angela
Extremely thorough and straightforward.

Kaitlyn McArthur is extremely thorough in her work. She always has a quick response time as well as being straightforward and willing to expand her knowledge to work with various situations. I am very thankful for her dedication and hard work leading to successful business endeavors.
– Brenda